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Default Same Issue, need help

So I have the same issue. I would really appreciate some help. I have 4 guitar tracks recorded. 1 hard left, 1 50/50 left/center and mirrored on the right. I have checked and re-checked everything from I/O setup to hardware to wiring/cabling, mixer/interface. The specific issue is that I have the tracks on the right, there is a break in the song where I want to hear only the left then only the right and it goes back and forth for a couple of measures and the song picks back up. I setup an automated pan envelope to make this happen. The track that is already panned hard right won't playback if I use the automated pan feature and automatically pan it all the way right. It plays in the right channel when I center the pan. The right 50/50 channel won't play if I pan it right but will play if centered and only out of both channels, when I panned it all the way left just for shizz'n'gigs it still played the audio through both channels as if it had not been panned at all. I have no idea what to do please help.
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