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Dude, seriously, you rock! Thanks!

Originally Posted by sai'ke View Post
I could add a 'close window' command. If you make it the same as the toggle, we could at least fix that. What key combo would make sense for this?
I use ctrl+shift+alt+letter combos for opening windows, so I used ct+sh+alt+m for this one. But ideally (for me) esc would close the window, since I'm automatically trying to do that already. I do like how it closes the floating plugins currently, so is it possible that esc does both (close plugins and then window if no plugins are floating)?

Originally Posted by sai'ke View Post
But yeah, I should probably add customizable mappings in the future, like I did for Hackey Trackey. Could you based on the F1 menu, give me a full list of what'd make sense to you? So I can see how different mappings might fit together?
Yea total customization is the way to go, but for me personally, the only changes would be the ones I originally mentioned; alt+click for deleting/disconnecting instead of middle click ( which is easy to press by accident, hard to hold down at the same time as LMB). And right click drag to navigate. Also, I guess I would be opening the fx chain more often than a single plugin gui, so would switch that to the default double click behavior.

Can't wait to show this to my sister. She was using Buzz before too, so now she won't be intimidated by routing anymore!

Had some kind of bug in the new version with hiding machines. If any are hidden, none will show when you open the window. Maybe related to the bug reported by kmkrebs, cause it seems fixed in the one you posted just above.

I notice that other scripted windows also block keyboard shortcuts (not just yours). So this API functionality you mentioned is missing needs to be requested. I'll look into it, but I'm not 100% sure what to ask for (if there isn't an FR already). Just the ability to automatically pass unused keyboard shortcuts to the main window? Or something else?

One more request if you have time: ctrl+marquee select to add to current selection

Ok, two more... When hovering over the triangles in the middle of the wires, could it highlight only that wire? Then making disconnections in a mess of spaghetti becomes feasible.
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