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That is off-topic here, but a word of warning about NI hardware...

After some update of Cakewalk Sonar (probably after switching VC version) and till now (so CbB), NI VST is unable to communicate with own hardware when running inside Cakewalk. Note that this communication is closed, proprietary and undocumented and DAW is not involved in that process. When and if NI is going to fix that (I repeat, while the bug is somehow indirectly triggered by the host, it is NI internal) is unclear. The story is:

I understand there is no such problem in REAPER for the moment. But since it is not in the "specially supported DAWs" list, I guess if that happens they also will have no problem declare the issue as low priority.

Taking into account they change technology without even bothering to say users what it is (I mean OSC in MK2), the probability some bad things can happened is far from zero...

EDIT: see later post for the Happy End of this story.

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