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Indeed to the above: Tried to have that tape style approach with last recordings, the buzzword being 'performance capture'

Boiled down to setting up for simultaneous guitar and voice miking then doing take after take after take until I had the best take of whole song. Painful as not my comfort zone but got there.
Can splice n dice similar takes if need be but essentially the core is a decent performance, then can use all the toys to add tinsel and decorations to that as required.

There is a certain feeling of freedom from being released from the prison of the 'grid'

Seems so obvious and was how it was done early days of recording but easy to get off track these days and try and construct your way to perfection piecemeal, when capturing something interesting is the key.

Tempted to take it further and replicate old setups/mixing, e.g couple of ribbon mics only and use only the effects available at tne time etc. Just as a starting point, nothing super strict, as piece may end up screaming for a granular synth solo...

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