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Default I Logic V2 on the way

I Logic V2.5 Release April 5

For Each Updates Use the same link the first one thanks

I Logic V2 is the v2 of i Logic with few new feature and color refresh to Stay close as possible than Logic Pro 10.3 The color are Realy easy on the eyes !

Thats The last I Logic Serie i do, no more mokup ,but i will do update as always

I will add few new layouts and New series of icons Realy soon !

After the donation i will send the theme as the same email as you have donate whit

-- Update V2.5 See What News In this Video

-- Update V2.3 March 18

:Laptop improvement with narrow mcp and new config for laptop
:Add New Tcp Folder track
:Resize Transport bar to fit in all screen
:fix little Things
:you will have the choice betwwen theme with or whitout config ( when you use it whitout config you have regular icon are to big and dont fit well in main toolbar so i put the regular icon back )
:A Splash Screen
:And add 20 new small icons

----Update V2.2 march 13

|----: New Master Full meter ( request )
: New Master Clasic V1 i logic ( request)
: New Button for mixer tools
: New Pre Master Track tcp/Mcp
: New Transport Small for more space ( request)
: New transport Small Dark
: Fix Bugs Report

This version Include V2
: Audio track
: Instrument Track
: Bus Track
: Auxiliar Track
: Vca Track
: Midi Track
: Separator Track
: Screenset Feature
: New Top toolbar
: New Cut Section bar
: Transport bar Better fit on all screen
: New refresh Desing
: Easy Configuration importation with only nessesary things you can choose
: New Dual Pan and Widht desing
: Color Picker ( Sws Extention needed)
: Track icon color



1: Before installing I Logic, open Reaper.

- Go to OPTIONS in the menu bar.

- From there, go to PREFERENCES, then go to the GENERAL tab.

- EXPORT your current Configuration and call it "Backup" or whatever else you want to.
- Save.

2: Go to and download the extension.

It's free and it'll add the color toolbar picker and some extra custom actions that work great with I Logic.

3: Same as Step One -

Open OPTIONS / PREFERNCES / GENERAL, then IMPORT the I Logic V2 config.

Small Presentation::

Installation French ::

4: Enjoy

If you encounter any issues with the theme, please comment



2.3 Screen for laptop

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