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Originally Posted by JamesPeters View Post
Cubic13: If he says it's "very far from done", then why bother criticizing it in such detail. He says it's "moderately usable" and that's as far as he goes in declaring how "done" it is. The title of the thread is "WT Imperial v5 - progress snapshot build".

No good deed goes unpunished...
Why bother criticizing it in such detail ? I'm going to be as honest as possible : seeing 70 posts in less than 48 hours acclaiming a WIP with no less than 15 screenshots (showing that, at least, the mixer was no longer a still 'in progress' work) and saying how a genius he is, obviously without any in depth testing, left me speechless. And I really don't like the "I'm not necessarily looking for feedback at the moment" attitude : if you post here something, either in the stash or as a download link, you have to be prepared for any feedback, no matter how pleasant ot irritating it could be.
So, I downloaded the stuff to see what was behind all the fuss and simply reported back what I saw. If we are not allowed to do so, then why such a thread at first place ? To only get congratulations and cheers ? If so, he nearly succeeded, I admit, and I'm really wondering if we haven't all loose minimal critical sense, at this point.

As a themer myself, I created a thread for my uploaded work and expect seeing in it BOTH congratulations and criticisms. That's the way things should be, IMO. Guess what ? I'm nearly sure that my previous post will be useful, somehow, even if he'll never admit it publicly here.

Originally Posted by Thalamus View Post
Well WT has clearly stated that he's not looking for critique in this thread and has trusted testers performing that role. He's just graciously sharing his WIP here so I'd imagine the scope of replies to be more or less simple gratitude for something that has cost you absolutely nothing.
The "trusted testers" obviously failed on this one : it's not an opinion, it's a fact. And I, as well as countless themers here, also "graciously" shared my work and don't expect any payment or gratitude in return. I did so for a simple reason : to give a contribution to the so-called Reaper "community" as I've been able to do so, at a point. You will never know how many time I passed tweaking to death the themes I have uploaded here, this, to make it as reliable as I could for any potential user, and I'm still not done with them. So, should WT get a medal for its 'WIP' ? If so, there are hundreds of them that need to be struck...
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