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Originally Posted by themixtape View Post
I think if you're talking about Reaper's MIDI channel settings, you may have multiple tracks selected/highlighted. It's hard to tell with Reaper sometimes, but if you notice you're changing a track setting in Reaper and all the other tracks are changing along with it, they're all selected. Click the mouse only on one track to make sure it's only changing the setting on that ONE track.

If you could be a lot more specific, it would be helpful... also, please try to hit up the Native Instruments forum as well. Usually everyone there is REALLY helpful when it comes to Maschine matters. Again, this is a Reaper forum, so maybe that's why not a lot of people are responding. NI's forum is great... especially Saintjoe over there (he runs a site called
You know point number 5 in your tutorial, where you set midi channel within Maschine (batch) for 8 groups. Well, when I set group 1 to midi channel 1 it sets group 2 to same channel. If I set it to channel 2 same again happens and group 2 is set to channel 2. Within Reaper I have set all 8 channels as in your description.
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