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Originally Posted by fundorin View Post
I can't see which thread you're referring to. The on about "Aliiiiiveee" start with finished translator patch. Am I missing something here?

I think it was called..I freakin found the hui docs!....mostly with banned. All I can say is..I guarantee mtp would work. Trust me...its like max for midiots. I can't code.

It seems like you know what you're doing, so once you get past the midi port asignments in mtp, you could do it in a weekend. Next to Reaper the best software investment I ever made. Not fanboy talk.
If you're interested I'll try and help you get some feedback from Reaper/klinkes using the trial version of mtp. Maybe try w lighting up a solo button. I didnt realize in my previous post that the SL doest have motorized faders so no feedback.

I don't know if you're aware of how complete klinkes is. IMHO the easiest and most complete midi feedback from Reaper.

Anyway, good luck whatever you decide. I just saw that you're not giving up, and our situations were so similar.


Edit...correction..I didn't actually try max....way over my head.
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