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Default Using piezo mics to trig from acoustic drums, kick "overrides" rest of the drums

Hi, I hope this is in the right forum section.

I'm using a dm5 with piezos on real drums to trig midi with my hx stomp midi input to a e-drumkit vst, everything runs fine except when I play fast double kicks, the kick which is on note 35/36 overrides the other sampled drums which are of a higher value on the piano roll. For example the floor tom plays good and records well when played alone but won't sound or record hits if struck while playing fast double kick. Tried to see if there are some settings to change this behaviour but could not fix it, don't know if the problem is with the dm5/hx stomp or some setting in reaper, anybody experienced something similar? I'm using a combination of blended samples from Sean Pandy drum kit and rs5k. Thanks for any help!
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