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Default Is this possible (Reaper / 3D audio monitoring)


Is it possible to use my existing Denon AVR6500 and 10x Wharfedale speakers and somehow connect / link it to my Reaper DAW on my Windows PC to record, monitor and produce immersive 3D audio?

I'm excited by the idea of producing 3D audio but want to do this as cheaply as possible initially (ideally using speakers or monitors rather than headphones).

I do have Presonus Eris XT monitors connected to a Roland Octacapture interface for my stereo home studio set up and so another possibility would be to buy another Octacapture and connect them to give me enough analogue outputs and then to buy enough powered monitors which is far more expensive.

Any thoughts on this would be very much appreciated as I've been trying to get my head around this for some time. I'd consider other ideas also if it's better to completely start from scratch.

Thank you..
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