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Originally Posted by run, megalodon View Post
I'm having some trouble coloring. I've added this line in order to make my pan knob black, but nothing changes. Anyone?

set mcp.pan.color [0 0 0]

Edit: I see that this is working with other elements, so is it just that pan/knobs cannot be colored yet?
You can't recolour bitmap elements. You can only recolour certain text elements, I'm afraid sticking .color on the end of things isn't going to change the laws of physics. Jim.

Originally Posted by run, megalodon View Post
I would like to tint the track panel background red when armed, could anyone tell me how? I understand !recarm, just not how to tint the track panel.
You'd need to use LVG for that (I haven't had time to play with LVG properly yet, sry), because you can't recolour bitmap elements. Or you could do some kind of massive overlay hack from the recarm button ...but don't.

Leave this for now, I'd suggest.

Originally Posted by lawrs View Post
@White Tie

Currently is it possible to import elements from mcp into tcp?

Lets say, if I wanted to duplicate the plugin list from the mcp, onto somewhere on the tcp .. is that possible ?
No, sorry. You can't walter outside a 'parent' panel, and plugin list on the TCP is something we can't currently do.
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