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OK, first things first, you define your overall panel size. You define it. I can't stress this enough - y'know the panel size? That gets defined by you. The definition of the panel size is what you make it.

We super clear on that?

OK, so on the transport bar this will be your 'set trans.size' numbers. Make it whatever you like (did I mention its defined by you?...), and then go an make a sketch at that size in the graphics app of your choice. Or maybe some graph paper, if you're of an old school persuasion. Now place your buttons in the middle of that area - since you defined the area size, you'll have no trouble figuring out what half way across it is. Measure off the positions from the top left of the area to the top left of each button, and drop them in as the button positions in Walter.

Now, if you try that in Reaper and you managed to stretch your screen size such that the transport is being drawn at the exactly same size as the trans.size, you'd see your buttons are in the middle. Now we just need to tell Reaper to move them about when the size changes, so now we do the edge attachment thing.

For each button, make the edge attachment [0.5 X 0.5 X]. And you're done!
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