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Where should I be able to find rules_for_default.txt as mentioned in the Walter themer's guide? I did a portable install, if that makes any difference. Searching my drive found nothing.

Edit: I found the answer here:

I think that I must be doing something wrong, as I'm not seeing my changes take effect in Reaper while editing rtconfig. When I select Waltered_4.0 in Options > Themes, Reaper seems to be used the 1.x theme. I unzipped Default_4.0.ReaperTheme.Zip, renamed it Waltered_4.0.ReaperTheme, and moved it and it's assets folder to Reaper\Colorthemes\

A little more info on this would be helpful for those of us who are clueless. I'm trying to figure it out, but what I'm seeing doesn't make sense. In Reaper\ColorThemes\ I see:


...but in Reaper Options > Themes I see:

Classic 1.x

I'm guessing that Classic 1.x is built into the app, and Default_4.0 = Default?
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