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And just for good measure, here's the current version of the X-Touch_One.zon file I'm using with CSI. This uses MCU STD mode.

The biggest change is that if you hit Shift+F2 you'll enter FocusedFX Parameter mode where you can click a plugin parameter, and it immediately gets assigned to the fader. Hit Shift+F1 to go back to the normal Fader = TrackVolume mode.

If you happen to be using the X-Touch One and the Fader isn't working, see the note at the top of the .zon file.

Note: some actions require SWS extensions, there's even a custom action or two you won't have. Feel free to reassign those (anything really).

/uses MCU Std mode. If not working, enter one of the MCU DAW modes and hit Channel Select button a few times until fader1 (address e0) is active. Then return to MCU Std mode.

Zone Home
	OnFXFocus MapFocusedFXToWidgets

Zone "SelChannelButtons|"
	F1 				TrackAutoMode 1 	//Read
	F2 				TrackAutoMode 3 	//Write
	F3 				TrackAutoMode 0 	//Trim
	F4 				TrackAutoMode 2 	//touch
	F5				TrackAutoMode 4 	//Latch


Zone "GlobalButtons|"
	Shift+F1			GoZone Home
	Shift+F2			GoZone FocusedFXParam
	F6				Reaper 40364 		//toggle click
	Shift+F6			Reaper _SWS_AWCOUNTRECTOG //toggle: count-in before recording
	Zoom				Shift	
	BankLeft 			TrackBank "-8"
	BankRight 			TrackBank "8"
        ChannelLeft 			TrackBank "-1"
	ChannelRight			TrackBank "1"
	Rewind 				Rewind
	Shift+Rewind			Reaper 40042		//go to start of project
	FastForward			FastForward
	Shift+FastForward		Reaper 40043		//go to end of project
	Stop 				Stop
	Play 				Play
	Shift+Play			Reaper 1068		//Toggle repeat
	Record 				Record
	Write 				Reaper 40364 		//toggle click
	Marker 				Reaper 40078		//open mixer (Mix View in S1 mode)
	Shift+Marker			Reaper 40716		//toggle MIDI editor
	Nudge 				Reaper 40271		//open FX Browser
	Cycle 				Reaper _S&M_TOGLFXCHAIN	//SWS/S&M: Toggle show FX chain windows for selected tracks
        Drop				Reaper 40293		//Track io routing view
        Replace				Reaper 40172 		//go to previous marker or project start
	Click 				Reaper 40171		//Insert marker at current or edit position
	Solo				Reaper 40173 		//go to next marker or project end				
	Save 				Reaper 40026		//save project
	Scrub 				Reaper 40029		//undo
	Shift+Scrub			Reaper 40030		//redo
	Up 				Reaper 40111		//zoom in vertical
	Down				Reaper 40112		//zoom out vertical
	Right 				Reaper 40837		//Move edit cursor to start of next measure
	Left 				Reaper _34cd4010d1d9fa45b0157b7da0cf19bf //Custom action: move edit cursor back to start of previous measure
	Shift+Left			Reaper 1011		//zoom out horizontal
	Shift+Right			Reaper 1012		//zoom in horizontal
	Shift+Down			Reaper 40727		//minimize all tracks
	Shift+Up 			Reaper 40113		//toggle track height to maximum

Zone "Channel|"
	DisplayUpper|  			TrackNameDisplay
	DisplayLower| 			TrackPanDisplay
	TrackTouch+DisplayLower| 	TrackVolumeDisplay
	Rotary| 			TrackPan "0"
	RotaryPush| 			GoZone PanWidth|
	Solo|				TrackSolo
	Mute|				TrackMute
	RecordArm| 			TrackRecordArm
	Shift+RecordArm|		Reaper 40495		//Cycle track record monitor
	Select|				TrackUniqueSelect
	Fader|  			TrackVolume
	FaderTouch|  			TrackTouch
	VUMeter|			TrackOutputMeter

Zone "MasterChannel|"
	MasterFader 			TrackVolume

Zone "Pan|1-1"
	Rotary| 	TrackPan "0"
	DisplayLower|	TrackPanDisplay
	RotaryPush| 	GoZone PanWidth|

Zone "PanWidth|1-1"
	Rotary| 	TrackPanWidth "1"
	DisplayLower|	TrackPanWidthDisplay
	RotaryPush| 	GoZone Pan|

Zone "FocusedFXParam"
        Fader1 FocusedFXParam
	DisplayUpper1 FocusedFXParamNameDisplay
	DisplayLower1 FocusedFXParamValueDisplay

Zone "JogWheelHack|"
	JogWheelRotaryCW 		Reaper 40141
	JogWheelRotaryCW2 		Reaper 40141
	JogWheelRotaryCW3 		Reaper 40141
	JogWheelRotaryCW4 		Reaper 40141
	JogWheelRotaryCW5 		Reaper 40141
	JogWheelRotaryCW6 		Reaper 40141
	JogWheelRotaryCW7 		Reaper 40141

	JogWheelRotaryCCW 		Reaper 40140
	JogWheelRotaryCCW2 		Reaper 40140
	JogWheelRotaryCCW3 		Reaper 40140
	JogWheelRotaryCCW4 		Reaper 40140
	JogWheelRotaryCCW5 		Reaper 40140
	JogWheelRotaryCCW6 		Reaper 40140
	JogWheelRotaryCCW7 		Reaper 40140
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