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Hi and thanks a lot for your answer !

Originally Posted by schwa View Post
You have a project where it displays as expected, then you save and re-open the project and the display is changed?
That, but only on certain tracks listed above. But it's not only the display, audio is shifted and i can clearly hear double hits

Originally Posted by schwa View Post
If so, can you cut that project down to the smallest size that demonstrates the problem (ideally one track, one small media item) and post it or email to support at cockos? Thanks.
Sorry but I never had to do that so i't not totally clear to me what you're saying. So I create a copy of the project with for example only one of the problematic tracks, then I upload the corresponding folder somewhere to send for support, is that right ?
And where do I send it for support, is there a Reaper support email address or something ?
That and also I'm not sure how useful it would be, because when I save and reopen it again, ti doesn't shift more, it stays where it was after the first save-reopen shift.

Originally Posted by schwa View Post
Do you have any extensions installed?
Yes I use SWS extensions

I also upgraded to reaper 6.03 and nothing is different

Thanks a lot again !
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