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Ok, first off, my sincere apologies, I was confusing upgrading this system's HDs with another system that I upgraded. The system we're talking about has upgraded HDs from the original but still not SSDs. So that'll be something I look into before getting a whole new rig. Appreciated, serr, for keeping me honest and forcing me to look at the easy before I look at the hard.

That said, I don't think the HDs are too aged or failing. I've seen HD failures before and I don't have any of those symptoms. Also, I do maintenance checks on my HDs from time to time and Apple's First Aid has yet to complain about any sectors needing rerouting. I understand that a 7200rpm drive can't push as much data as an SSD. BUT I don't do a lot of audio files. As said earlier, it's mostly VIs. As also stated, I don't need super low-latency as it's all sequenced and then mixed. I mean, I will play along while I write but so far 128-256 buffer has been fine for that. Also, my audio interface is a MOTU 828mk2.

ErBird: I do have "anticipative fx processing" enabled. And I'm measuring using Activity Monitor (Apple's version of Task Manager).

I will say that at some point, a 10 year old proc will be an issue. Mine are Xeon E5520 2.26GHz. For one thing, instruction sets have been added since these came out and I can name 2 VIs off the top of my head that my system just can't play. One of them, Massive X, I don't care very much about. The other, Straylight, is right up my alley though I can come close with granular synths I already have. But I imagine there will be more of this sort of thing. Modern plugins do more than they used to. Another thing is chips and chipsets have other limitations like memory addressing limits and such. I have NOT hit that limit yet, but I am pointing out that it's a thing. Finally, cpu benchmark of the E5520 vs i9-10980XE is *almost* an order of magnitude off. So at some point it will be a thing even if I may not have hit the limit yet.

Anyhoo, I will probably do some stress testing similar to what DAWBench does and see what the limit is and see if there's something I can replace without trashing the whole system. Thanks everyone for the tips and suggestions!
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