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Originally Posted by ErBird View Post
Definitely something very wrong. Pro-R is around 1.5% cpu on my i7-6500u laptop. Are you measuring with the task manager or Reaper's performance meter? do you have "anticipative fx processing" enabled? It should be.

Also, I don't see how it could be HD related in this case.
Not directly spec related with this isolated example.
But if the machine has an aging HDD that's starting to show signs of failure, it would explain lags and crashes while only doing mundane tasks.

This doesn't sound like someone finally pushing their workflow beyond this machine (which is not trivial in this case). Sounds more like a maintenance issue like a hard drive.

Or setup issues. No details were provided about the interface(s) being used or if this was low latency live work or relaxed post work and that kind of thing. Can only speculate that no mistakes are being made. It could turn out to be operator error and then you'll discover this current machine is still overpowered for the work at hand.
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