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Originally Posted by mlprod View Post
I would go with this range of CPUs, the X299 platform. I have a 9900X overclocked to 4,5GHz locked on all cores and its a beast.

AMD is nice and powerful and all that. But the X299 platform is very mature and you'll get massive horsepower AND low latencies.

Which one of them just depends on your workflow. 12 or 14 cores might be the sweetspot combination.

Reaper scales very good to multiple cores. It is more dependent on your type of useage and type of projects you run.

Ive always built live rigs, lowest latency, fastest clocks, etc.
Then use one as Master with 2 x VEPro quads.
Works really well but will build an X299 this summer for bigger projects using 128GBs of RAM.
New live rig will be whichever CPU works the best from a Intel or AMD.
i7 4790ks have served me well so it wont be more than 6/8 cores.

X299s are really great choices because of speed, maturity and stability.
ASRockRack and SuperMicro have Rackmounted motherboards that will last for a decade.
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