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Originally Posted by Axon View Post
I'm going to be replacing a ten year old Mac Pro and I'm looking for advice on what proc to get. I'm switching to PC as the new Mac offering doesn't look great for me. I'm not going to build it myself but instead going through a local shop. They offer the following i9 CPUs:

Core i9 10900X 10 cores @ 3.70GHz (max turbo @ 4.50GHz, all-core turbo @ 4.30GHz), 19.25MB cache
Core i9 10920X 12 cores @ 3.50GHz (max turbo @ 4.60GHz, all-core turbo @ 4.30GHz), 19.25MB cache
Core i9 10940X 14 cores @ 3.30GHz (max turbo @ 4.60GHz, all-core turbo @ 4.10GHz), 19.25MB cache
Core i9 10980XE 18 cores @ 3.00GHz (max turbo @ 4.60GHz, all-core turbo @ 3.80GHz), 24.75MB cache

Which version should I get? Is it worth splurging for the 18 cores at expense of some speed? I can't find any DAWBench stats for the new line of i9s. Looking at DAWBench stats for the 99xx series, it looks like the more cores you get, the more VIs you can run even if you take a hit on core speed.

Any help would be appreciated.
I would go with this range of CPUs, the X299 platform. I have a 9900X overclocked to 4,5GHz locked on all cores and its a beast.

AMD is nice and powerful and all that. But the X299 platform is very mature and you'll get massive horsepower AND low latencies.

Which one of them just depends on your workflow. 12 or 14 cores might be the sweetspot combination.

Originally Posted by toleolu View Post
The thing with cores and Reaper though is just because you have 10 to 18 cores in your CPU, doesn't mean Reaper is going to use all of them.

There have been a lot of posts on this subject, and those who know a lot more about this stuff than I do seem to agree that Reaper only uses a limited number of cores to begin with. Don't hold me to that, but that's the overall impression I've gotten from all the past posts on this subject. Search the forum for CPU cores, see what others have said.
Reaper scales very good to multiple cores. It is more dependent on your type of useage and type of projects you run.
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