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Thank you all for your replies. The REAPER forums have always been so wonderful to work with.

So far, my workflow is:
- electronic/industrial music
- some light tracking (mostly single instruments/vocal tracks recorded individually) where the audio is then processed. I don't typically have a need to play live with low latency as I sequence my outboard gear and track them one at a time.
- mostly VIs (Drum Racks, Kontakt libraries such as Output and Heavyocity, ZebraHz, Diva, and a couple others) processed individually using plugins from FabFilter, NI, iZotope, the usual suspects
- each "type" of track (bass, synth, vocals, drums) is grouped with maybe some processing on the group such as "glue" compressor
- each of these groups is sent to an analog summing Dbox which is then recorded as stems.
- I typically send these stems for final mixing and mastering

Originally Posted by toleolu View Post
If you have tons of cash to spend, then by all means, have a blast and load that box up. The thing is though, at least with recording, there's other areas where you can spend your money that is going to give you better quality recordings than just computer hardware.

FWIW, I spent my career in IT and computers. The one common mistake I found people making over the years is focusing on tech stuff instead of what they are actually trying to do.
I'm also in computers for a living (though I'm a dev). I wouldn't say I'm too focused on the tech stuff. I have the money right now to buy whatever studio computer I want so I will try to build something that will last another 10+ years. I'm not going to buy the 10980XE unless it's actually going to suit my above workflow. I agree that the computer is just a part of the whole. But the rest of the studio is in good shape (great DAW, synths, and mics, pretty solid cables, and I think I'm decently talented) so I'm hoping to update this one aging piece.
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