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The thing with cores and Reaper though is just because you have 10 to 18 cores in your CPU, doesn't mean Reaper is going to use all of them.

There have been a lot of posts on this subject, and those who know a lot more about this stuff than I do seem to agree that Reaper only uses a limited number of cores to begin with. Don't hold me to that, but that's the overall impression I've gotten from all the past posts on this subject. Search the forum for CPU cores, see what others have said.

I'm still running an i5 but for me, a large project is about 12 to 15 tracks. However, there are people here doing commercial grade work on i7's.

If you have tons of cash to spend, then by all means, have a blast and load that box up. The thing is though, at least with recording, there's other areas where you can spend your money that is going to give you better quality recordings than just computer hardware.

FWIW, I spent my career in IT and computers. The one common mistake I found people making over the years is focusing on tech stuff instead of what they are actually trying to do.
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