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Originally Posted by mschnell View Post
As feedback routing disables PDC, this should be avoided.
They want the audio to come out the same track theyíve got the midi on.

People always think they want this and spend a whole lot of time and effort trying to make it work. Pretty sure it comes from the way that other DAWs do it where the VSTi kind of sits in a rack of its own and can be addressed from any track of the correct type and that track type is designed to do that so it can but it canít actually do anything else. Itís just a different paradigm altogether. One could use some gmem fuckery to make it happen without Reaper recognizing it as feedback, but that breaks PDC also, so....

The best thing for it is to get over the whole idea and use Reaper as intended. There are a lot of good reasons to have the audio and midi on different tracks. Show or hide only the ones you want at any given time. But OTOH sometimes itís just not even worth the dicking around to set up multitimbral anything.

Which is to say that the easiest way to get what these folks want is to just use separate VSTis for each track. Now I donít use Kontakt so I donít know how much CPU overhead the GUi/wrapper thing adds, and I know some people have some absurd instrument counts, but I know for me sometimes itís just easier to drop in another instance of EZ/SuperiorDrummer if I want some sub mix of the kit. I could get in and do all the multichannel routing. I personally am quite confident in my understanding of all that stuff. I just donít wanna, and if it puts my machine over the edge CPU-wise, itís a hint to make a fucking decision and commit at least some of the sounds to audio.
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