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I got a good explanation from VI-Control, should anyone else need this info:

"Without going into full detail, here's how to do it in a nutshell:

1. First, enable "Allow feedback in routing" in Project Settings. Even though you'll be routing MIDI out and audio back, Reaper still doesn't allow it by default so this is always necessary.
2. For each MIDI track, route channel 1 from track 1 to Kontakt, ch. 2 from track 2, etc, then from the track with Kontakt loaded, route audio ch. 1/2 to track 1 and audio ch. 3/4 to track 2, etc.
3. You'll have to set up the outputs in Kontakt so that you can assign different instruments to different outputs.

I've seen plenty of videos cover setting up Kontakt in Reaper with separate MIDI and audio tracks, and this is just about the same, the only difference is the "Allow feedback in routing" setting to allow the MIDI and audio track to be the same one. Hope that helps."
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