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Default Setting up multitimbral instrument with outs on every MIDi channel.

I've done this before when I first started checking out Reaper and suddenly can't remember now that I'm going to use it on an actual session.

I need detailed step-by-step instructions on how to set up (from scratch, not with track presets!) a multimbral interment that has audio and MIDI on the same track per multiple output of the VST. I found a great explanation somewhere when I first started and can't seem to find it now. The video explanations I'm seeing so far don't tell me very specifically how to set up MIDI and audio on the same track for each output from the multimbral VST (or they show how to do it with a track preset, which doesn't help at all).

I know about "Allow feedback in routing..." -- it's the actual setup of the instrument itself and its I/O that I suddenly can't remember for some odd reason. Can anyone point me to a video or page (preferable because it's usually faster) that describes this?
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