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Originally Posted by hwhalen View Post
The most coloring I can talk myself into Softsynth.

Something like this lucas_LCS?

I'm not sure how you're getting that result vsthem, something in the theme_adjuster?
On your previous mod of the theme on my screens the track insert/sends hardware outputs area in the mixer tracks was coloured. The track panels were fully coloured too.

Looking at your latest update that has now gone. The splash of colour works well with the scheme, given the colour being repeated in the notes on the piano roll.

The record monitoring loudspeaker driver symbol (in the mixer) looks a little unusual facing upwards, however I have several unusual loudspeaker designs that are arranged in this manner so not so strange for me!
The blue grey colour scheme looks great on my screen.

I can swap between this and the original version happily so far.

Previously I liked to occasionally swap between the RADO and Commala dark variants. I can add this theme to the mix. Cheers.
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