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Originally Posted by Triode View Post
v6.02+dev1228 - December 28 2019
  • # Cursor: move edit cursor on tiny mouse move on media item edge [t=229243]
I tried to test this using v6.02+dev1228, but I could not get it working. Is there some option that should be used to test this?
After trying about 10 times, I think I got cursor moved once when I did a very tiny 1-pixel click-drag on media item edge. Most of the time the cursor did not move. Is 2-pixel click-drag too big to get the cursor moved?

Somewhat related to this. Snapping should be also improved.
For example with default snap settings in the video below, doing left clicks without any modifiers, it is difficult to know where the cursor will move.

More detailed description of the problem is in this post:

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