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Originally Posted by Nostrap View Post
There is still a UI lag issue that is especially noticeable when dragging items. It happens for me still even on very small projects if I am working quickly, but it gets worse and worse the larger the projects are and makes it difficult to work.

Best way to repro is to create a project with around 200 or so tracks. It gets worse as you add more. When you try to drag an item, you will notice the mouse cursor gets out of sync with where the item is. When I do the same thing on 5.971, the issue is not nearly as bad.
I can't reproduce this in Reaper for Linux. Note that I'm not using that workaround Justin mentioned either (when I click an item, it does change track selection).

I tested this with 200 tracks and some empty items, some audio items and some MIDI items. It only got a little bit sluggish if I zoomed out as much as possible and moved the mouse as quickly as possible (which isn't a practical way of working, but I wanted to push it to the limit). Even at worst it was still a lot more responsive than in your GIF.

(edit) I also can't reproduce this in Windows 7 64-bit.

I tested this with reaper5979+dev0619 in both cases.
Using REAPER for Linux on Xubuntu 20.04
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