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Originally Posted by poetnprophet View Post
Sorry, I don't have time for a call like that...maybe later tonight.

Make sure you have for your midi in and midi out, select your faderport8.

Ok next phase. When you are setting up your page, check the boxes for midi in/out monitoring so you can make sure you're getting stuff to/from the console and verify the midi info.

Also, in the # channels, you'll want to put 8.

If you have all that setup, you should be able to start using the surface: transport, track controls at the very least.

If not that, in the midi monitor window you should still get some values for in and out.

If not that, then it's not working...yet.
Hi, here's a small video showing you what I did with my faderport 8 and reaper.
Maybe you could answer my questions in it.
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