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Can we summarize the pre/post behaviour of all the Reaper elements pertaining to ARA2? This is important because it describes the disconnect between what you see and what you hear when using Melodyne.

1. Item stretching is PRE. If you stretch in Reaper it stretches in Melodyne, and even retains Melodyne pitch edits if you stretch again!)
2. Slip editing is PRE!
3. Stretch Markers are POST. If you use them, they are not necessarily applying to what you see in the waveform, but rather to Melodyne's copy of the audio. This is icky. However, you might as well just use Melodyne's stretching if using it at all.
4. Item Envelopes are POST. If you draw in Mute/Volume/Pitch/Pan automation on items, they are applying after your Melodyne edits. Even though it gives the appearance of affecting the waveform pre-Melodyne (Mute hides the waveform data) but it's actually operating post.
5. Crossfades are POST.
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