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Default [suggestion: Zoom] Zoom to quarter

Feature: "Zoom to a quarter of the whole project"

This is a missing action in native Reaper.

In Reaper we have the two actions
"zoom out" which shows the whole project, and
"zoom to time-selection" which zooms - what is says -
to the current time-selection.

But there is nothing in between. If you want to zoom to
a certain part, but not so close at "time-selection"
because you want to see the items before and after. It
is important for the investigation of a part of the whole
project without looking too close at time-selection or
at single items. There there is no action for the "medium
zoom level 'quarter'".

Of course you can use "rightmouse marquee-select"+
"zoom to selected items". Or you can use "marquee
zoom" or the Navigator.

But for all these you must engage your mouse, so it
doesn't fit into the fast "one Keycommand only"-ergonomy.


With a "zoom to quarter"-action it would be very easy
and fast to zoom to a part of the project, which is needed
very often IMO.

I think this should be a native action - available also without
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