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Originally Posted by Chris Hurst Music View Post
Still love the theme.

As I now have a bit more theming experience, can you point me at the part in the rtconfig file so I can try and increase the length of the track name in the tcp? (tcp.label I think?).

Many thanks
Yes it's the tcp.label control which is involved. The problem is that there is not much space left on either sides of it. It has already 140 pixels wide in Frema themes and 130 in Eyssina ones. So, trying to increase its size will only help you marginally, unless you want to move also the other tcp panel controls.

If so, be prepared for a nightmare : I already did this in the 2.80 update and it took me several hours to set the whole thing correctly, this, being the developer of these themes. Actually, each tcp control moves/appears more or less accordingly to the immediate precedent one, so, it's a can of worms. To be honest, I programmed the whole thing at a time when I didn't have the experience that I have now : if I had to rebuild the rtconfig.txt now, I would make it in a complete different way.

This said, what I would suggest before the Walter solution is to try using a smaller size of the font involved, or even changing the font itself. For the tcp.label, it's the WALTER font 3 one, changeable in the Theme development/Tweaker window. I just checked this for Frema themes by reducing the used Lao UI font size from 10 to 9 : there are nearly 9 pixels gained doing so and by changing it from Bold to Normal, 5 pixels.

I'm afraid that I can't help much more...

Originally Posted by vanhaze View Post
Dear cubic13,

I noticed that when i draw a Time selection, all items in that Time selection become very "misty" / "vague" / "unsharp".

This has (if i recall correct) always been the case for me with these themes.
Is there something i can do about that myself ?

OSX 10.12.3
Strange, as the only thing happening here is that the background of the time selection appears brighten up. Could you post a screenshot showing the issue ? Maybe it would give me hints about what is happening. Just hope that this isn't an obscure Retina setting...
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