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Default CubicPacks v 2.90 are in the stash...

So, another update for all my Cubicpacks themes, in which I...

1) fixed the appearance of the track panels when the track controls are locked.
2) changed the envcp panel controls management in order for it to behave as the tcp one.
3) added four separator layouts : 1 for the tcp and 3 for the mixer : Large, Narrow and Thin (25 pixels). They are not perfect, especially in EyssinaAM themes, as I had to find a way to keep the extended mixer area empty and for this, I had to build the separators layouts with mcp.extmixer.mode set to 1, even for them.
4) fixed the background tint of the tcp track icon when a track is selected for Frema themes.
5) made few more tcp adjustments, involving mainly the tcp.fxparm control.

A reminder : these themes are designed to work with fader range set at -72/+6 dB and shape set to default (the preference settings are in the Appearance>Track Control Panels page). I have updated the joined PDF file to state this.

@users of previous versions : only the .ReaperThemeZip files require an update.

Hope this update will be useful for you, Cubicpack users...
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