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Default v2.80 update is in the stash...

It's been a while... So, a new version of my Cubicpack2. In this one, I :

- increased the width of the tcp.label of 26 pixels in the Eyssina themes range and 29 pixels in the Frema ones (Chris Hurst request, post #44).
- made a new transport bar, less tight looking, and adjusted its behavior when put in the docker,
- adjusted the envcp panel behavior (well, as much as I could...),
- made also several display fixes and Walter adjustments here and there (tcp management, peaks color, rms clip...).

@Users of previous versions : only the .ReaperThemeZip files need an update. I also put all this in a new location (see the first post of this thread for the right link), as the stash is still unable to manage efficiently updates.

Let me know what could still need improvements...
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