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Originally Posted by daeavelwyn View Post
Hi cubic,

To test stuff, I'd like to just replace one of your icon to see how it works so the only thing i've done is to replace "toolbar_mainEnlargeSeltrack.png" by a one I've made. But keeping the name.

So i've extracted EyssinaAM.ReaperThemeZip, and in the created folder i've paste my icon with the name toolbar_mainEnlargeSeltrack.png, so it replaced the icon you've made.
Then i've zip again (right click on folder > send to > compressed folder) and I got a i've renamed in EyssinaAM.ReaperThemeZip and drag/drop into reaper main arrangement window.
Is that the right procedure ?
Seems alright to me, if you want to change only the pictogram of this icon while keeping its function which is, in this case, to launch the EnlargeSelTrack.lua script.

I feel more safe copying the modified .ReaperThemeZip file in the ColorThemes subfolder of my Reaper installation and relaunch it with the Options/Themes command, but well...
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