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Originally Posted by Tod View Post
First of all I'm not totally sure about any of your questions, but I'll respond according to what I think.

If they are regular JSFX, you shouldn't have to worry about this. If it's a JSFX that is not part of the regular JS plugins, then I guess you should point to where ever it can be obtained.

I don't think there's any problem in renaming tracks, they will show up in your projects just as you named them. It's renaming the audio files that's the real problem, but as long as you keep the original audio file names in tact, there should be no problem. For example, you can cut the audio files up and edit them in any way you want to, just don't rename the "Source Files" and there should be no problem

Here again, busses whether FX or not, are just tracks, and should show up as you intend. However, you will want to delete any track icons if you have them, that could present a problem.
Tod, I appreciate the feedback. Thanks!
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