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Originally Posted by Lawrence View Post
Ok, I understand, that's where our thinking is diverging a bit.

It makes sense to me (mmv of course) just as a practical matter, even if you don't have a control surface, to fire an action to load a specific audio plug that you might use a lot (comp, EQ, whatever) without browsing lists of all available plugs. So I was looking at it more as a general workflow thing than as a control surface thing.

Thanks Banned. I think I understand your thinking a bit better. And the OSC stuff is way over my head.
Well, I do agree on it being a workflow thing. But just the same, firing an action to control a plugin is arguably just as useful, also without a control surface. And I guess I'm not arguing that any "insert plugin X" action *should* follow from a more elaborate control scheme, I'm only pointing out that it actually did so in this particular case, because that bit of context seemed to have been overlooked in the discussion.

Tbh, I think the entire 'control surface' label is somewhat of a misnomer, and obscures the fact that it exposes functionality that can be used much more generally. The (OSC) control surface stuff is very useful even without any (OSC) control surface. Much as MIDI is useful even without having a physical MIDI keyboard attached.

As far as workflow is concerned, I'm imagining a no-too-distant future where we can somehow organize our favorite EQ plugins to have their (basic) parameters mapped to the same set of actions / remote control message patterns, and link them to dedicated Track FX knobs, so we can easily switch between our favorite EQs, while keeping their controls mapped to dedicated knobs and buttons on the TCP/MCP, control surfaces, etc. Then do the same for a couple of other basic plugin types (probably dynamics are most important), and we have a fully customizable virtual 'console' setup. Sounds like a plan, doesn't it?
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