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Originally Posted by Lawrence View Post
Yeah, that's why I thought I must be missing something important. I thought the earlier short discussion was about loading plugs via actions but (I guess?) it will or is supposed to later do much more than that, load a plug and also attach / bind it's parameters to a control surface at the same time or something?
As far as I understand (as I said before, I haven't really tested this yet), REAPER currently does that for ReaEQ already. But not (yet) for any other plugin. So I'm kind of expecting/hoping other plugins to follow, but rather top-down than bottom-up, so to speak: an 'insert this specific plugin' action only makes sense when there's something specific about that plugin, e.g. that it can be controlled from a control surface and provides feedback to it (for example, one can now easily get/set ReaEQ parameters as dB and Hz). That is how I understand this particular action / set of OSC message patterns anyway.
Originally Posted by Lawrence View Post
If so, yeah, those are really two different things and that's (I suppose) what I missing, what happens differently (after loading) when you load a plug manually, and control it via a control surface, that would happen when you load it with an action and control it with a control surface.

There's obviously a bit of proposed automation or something different that's going over my head here. Thanks.
I'm not sure it's all that different as far as REAPER is concerned; but again, the "proposed" bits probably already work as we speak. Which I think explains exactly why the new action is specific to one plugin, and why is not 'restrictive', but is still being developed.

If anything is to blame for currently having such features available 'only' for ReaEQ, it the user community (including myself) for not yet having done any useful testing on these features for the first prototype test case. We did not show any interest in it at all, so why would the developers prioritize working on it?

<bumps testing OSC support for ReaEQ a few places up personal to-do list>
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