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Originally Posted by Banned View Post
Here's how I see it: in order to understand the current direction of development of this new insert ReaEQ action, one should see it in the its original context, and thus not look at it as an isolated action that is (unfortunately) restricted to one particular plugin, but rather as a byproduct of the much more elaborate scheme for controlling ReaEQ from control surfaces that I referred to above.

One could also ask: now where are the other bunch of native REAPER actions related to controlling ReaEQ? Why do the OSC guys get all the love? AGAIN??
Yeah, that's why I thought I must be missing something important. I thought the earlier short discussion was about loading plugs via actions but (I guess?) it will or is supposed to later do much more than that, load a plug and also attach / bind it's parameters to a control surface at the same time or something?

If so, yeah, those are really two different things and that's (I suppose) what I missing, what happens differently (after loading) when you load a plug manually, and control it via a control surface, that would happen when you load it with an action and control it with a control surface.

There's obviously a bit of proposed automation or something different that's going over my head here. Thanks.
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