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Originally Posted by Some Guy View Post
regarding the reaeq action, i just had a go at it and it works fine for adding one instance but it won't add more after that. is this expected behavior? there are instances where i'd want multiple eqs in different location of the signal chain. [...]
I think that is how it (currently) is supposed to work. I'm deducing that from the comments in the default OSC configuration (presupposing that these are related to the action), that does not seem to allow targeting multiple instances on the same track using EQ-specific messages:

# DEVICE_EQ determines whether sending any FX_EQ message will automatically insert
# ReaEQ on the target track if it does not exist, or the message will only affect
# an existing instance of ReaEQ.
# Allowed values: INSERT, EXISTING
Originally Posted by Some Guy View Post
[...] uploaded the crash report. (i'm not using the most current pre btw.)
Sorry to hear about your problems, but:
(1) I'm guessing that crash report goes to Apple, and I wouldn't count on them promptly forwarding it to Cockos or actually reading it with any particular interest themselves;
(2) You should really be posting the issue(s) you have in the relevant thread to the version you're using, or (better!) update to the latest pre first and then post here.
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