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Originally Posted by Banned View Post
It's not just about loading plugins, it's about REAPER knowing about every parameter and (more importantly) understanding how exactly they relate. We need a framework to classify plugin types and parameters in a generic manner before this can work as intended.
I must be missing something really important here as I don't understand why it has to be so complex. I will apologize to Ivan in advance for using the example below, but it's relevant to what we're talking about. It's a single action that will load any plug or any chain (or any plug or chain preset) and the user doesn't have to do anything but select one and save the action.

So when people talk about users typing in plug names into an *.ini file and all that I'm lost as to what's potentially happening differently there that doesn't happen when you load a plug manually.

It's just a simple action that loads any plug. What else should it do? Once the plug is actually loaded... doesn't the DAW already know every parameter?

I'm obviously missing something.
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