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Inserting tempo change issue:

(- project timebase: Beats (position, length, rate))
- enable snap/grid on 1/32 notes;
- move cursor to start (1.1.00);
- insert tempo change at 1.1.00: 100 BPM;
- move cursor to 1.1.13 / 0:00.075;
- insert another tempo change, e.g. 150 BPM.

Result: the tempo change appears on a different location than it is expected; in this case, slightly to the right of the cursor, and the 1.1.13 indicator is moved from 0:00.075 to 0:00.078 (and the grid between the tempo changes, incorrectly):

Then, if one clicks on the tempo change, it 'automatically' gets dragged to the location where one would expect it to have appeared, back at 0:00.075:

My hunch is that this issue is caused by the fact that REAPER is not using ticks but 1/100ths of a beat here, and is rounding them off incorrectly: 1.1.13 should really be 1.1.12,5, exactly halfway between 1.1.00 and 1.1.25. How about REAPER being slightly more consistent and just use the ticks per quarter note setting from the preferences (default: 960) ?

(While testing this, I also experienced an issue that may be related, where I play a short MIDI clip that is looped and dragged out over a few measures, with REAPER playing over those few measures in a cycle, it stopped playing once every other handful of cycles. I have not yet been able to reproduce it though).
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