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Originally Posted by Anton9 View Post
Really? How hard would it be to copy the plugins name from the "Add FX" dialog and paste it into a text file?
It won't be hard for users like us. For someone who's learning REAPER it won't be that easy to find. Features like this should be easy to find, in my opinion.

Originally Posted by Anton9 View Post
The problem I would have with this is.., that it would mean the Preferences dialog would have another list to populate.., which if you have a lot of plugins it could take a little while.., plus it would add to REAPERs memory overhead.
It would be for ReaPlugs only.

Originally Posted by Anton9 View Post
How about this..? A couple of right-click menu options in the "Add FX" dialog. Users could right-click on a plugin and select either "Add to actions" or "Remove from actions"
That would be a good idea but it has to be done in the Fx Browser, in my opinion, not in the "Add FX" dialog.
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