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Originally Posted by Mercado_Negro View Post
No, that wouldn't be user-friendly.
Really? How hard would it be to copy the plugins name from the "Add FX" dialog and paste it into a text file?

Originally Posted by Mercado_Negro View Post
In my opinion this should be in a new page in Preferences
The problem I would have with this is.., that it would mean the Preferences dialog would have another list to populate.., which if you have a lot of plugins it could take a little while.., plus it would add to REAPERs memory overhead.

How about this..? A couple of right-click menu options in the "Add FX" dialog. Users could right-click on a plugin and select either "Add to actions" or "Remove from actions"

Whatever the solution I'm sure it would probably require a restart of REAPER for the actions to be added to the list.
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