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Default Theme causing some issues

Just installed the theme and imported the config - firstly all VSTs have to be found again but assume this is due to the ini file being overwritten but strangely if I double click a recorded midi item - a piano for example - it opens in the midi editor but as a drum track - i.e. notes are triangles and the item in the track view also changes to a drum track - triangles.

Am I being stupid here as never had this before i logic installed. I would have assumed a clean install of the theme would at least have kept default actions.

I also have a problem with the Omnisphere GUI - it appears to be corrupted and unable to scroll the patch windows, also some of the patch names appear to be in Greek i.e. corrupt!

Loading an old theme restores the drum note issue but not the problem with Omnisphere. I also removed i Logic and reinstalled it but same problem.

Anyone else had any of these problems as I don't want to have to re install everything!

EDIT: Found the answer to the drum note display - should have checked the forums in more depth! The theme defaults to drum note display check post #309 in this forum

Had to re-install Omnisphere to sort the corrupt GUI though.

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