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I agree that his plug-ins and his posts and videos are hard to incorporate since they don't follow the regular marketing laws or presentation for a product AT ALL.

Once you accept this as just they way it is, you're left with one of the geniuses of DSP for audio nowadays. His code is second to none; absolutely on par with the very best out there and above the regular average plug-ins.

His designs and UX are indeed tough to work with at first, but you get used to it and love it for the delivery they accomplish.

I think AirWindows is as marvellous and miraculous a plug-in developer as REAPER is for DAWs - simply out of this world.

I've already listed my favorites here so no need to write down that again. I do have a whole bunch that I would NOT use, but then again that's pretty subjective, and yes I also have a whole bunch of "crazy-ones" or "too-subtle" ones that I don't use either - if it helps the OP that would be "guitar conditioner", "desk", "powersag", "point".
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