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Default Issue with CC send

Hi folks,

I'm not sure this is the right topic to discuss this, but I got an issue with Live Config and cannot understand what goes wrong !

So, here is a GIF to a better understanding of my problem :

Easy step to reproduce :
1- Open Reaper and create 4 tracks.
2- Set the MIDI input and all other stuff in TRACK 1 which will be INPUT track
3- Set the 3 others tracks with different instruments/VSTi
4- Set SWS/S&M: Live Config #1 - Apply config (MIDI/OSC only) to CC14
5- As you can see in the GIF (ReacontrolMIDI on track INPUT), CC14 send value 0, then 1 then 2, then 3
But Live Config doesn't change the patch/slot (don't know the right word).

How can I debug this ?

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