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Build: 40907 from 9th of December 2019

- Docs: Reaper Internals - updated to Reaper 6.01
- Helper Functions: ConvertStringToBits - converts a string into its bit-representation
- Subtitles: ReadSubtitles_VTT - imports a webvtt-subtitlefile
- Subtitles: ReadSubtitles_SRT - imports a SubRip-srt-subtitlefile

- ConfigurationManagement: CountValuesByPattern - errors in docs -> fixed(thanks to reapero)
- Marker Management: AddCustomRegion - was expecting length, although declared as regionend in the docs -> fixed
- Marker Management: MoveRegionsBy - still had debug-code in it, which could display messageboxes and overwrite global variables -> fixed (sorry for that)
- Marker Management: SetCustomRegion - had docs of AddCustomRegion -> fixed

You can get the latest pre-release from:
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Ultraschall-API - 1111 ReaScript functions for Reaper
Reaper Internals - Developerdocs4Reaper
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