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Build: 39863 12th of July

  • Tools: LangPack2Developer_langpack_converter.lua - converts a language-pack into a developer-langpack, which displays the sections, in which every caption is located in the langpack
  • Tools: a - checks the individual lines of a string in clipboard for valid config-vars; thought I already had added that...
  • Track Management: AnyTrackMute - returns, if any track is muted; optionally includes the master-track as well

  • Docs: FileType-Description - added missing info to ReaperConfigZip-Filetype-description
  • Docs: updated Reaper-docs to 5.980
  • Helpers: SplitStringAtLineFeedToArray - sped up by magnitudes, should now work much faster with megabyte-strings

You can download it using ReaPack and the pre-release-index-file:

Online docs for the pre-release-version:
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Ultraschall-API - 1111 ReaScript functions for Reaper
Reaper Internals - Developerdocs4Reaper

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