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New pre-release-version available, with the following additions and changes.
Install it, using:

Build: 39790 - 7th of July 2019

  • FXManagement: AddParmAlias_FXStateChunk - adds a parameter-alias-entry to an FXStateChunk
  • FXManagement: AddParmLearn_FXStateChunk - adds a parameter-learn-entry to an FXStateChunk
  • FXManagement: AddParmLFOLearn_FXStateChunk - adds a parameter-lfo-learn-entry to an FXStateChunk
  • FXManagement: CountParmAlias_FXStateChunk - counts parameter-alias-entries in an FXStateChunk
  • FXManagement: CountParmLearn_FXStateChunk - counts parameter-learn-entries in an FXStateChunk
  • FXManagement: CountParmLFOLearn_FXStateChunk - counts parameter-lfo-learn-entries in an FXStateChunk
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