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Ok, this pre-release-procedure is quite new for this project, so I just start with my current idea, of it working. Let's see where it leads us.

Download it with ReaPack using:

Pre-release-build: 38961.00 from 2nd of July 2019

New features
  • Actions: GetAllActions - gets all actions, actioncommandids and scriptnames of all actions in a specific section
  • FXManagement: AutoDetectVSTPlugins - auto-searches for the vst-plugin-folder
  • FXManagement: ScanDXPlugins - rescans all DX(DirectX)-plugins, optionally scans all or just the new ones
  • FXManagement: ScanVSTPlugins - rescans all vst-plugins, optionally clears vst-plugin-cache first
  • HelperFunctions: get_action_context_MediaItemDiff - gets the MediaItemDifference(position, start, end, length, offset) since last time calling this function. Good for ripple-drag-scripts.
  • Localize: Localize - localizes a string, using the texts from a translationfile; can be used with or without ultraschall. at the beginning
  • Localize: Localize_RefreshFile - reloads an already set translation-file, so translations can be updated at runtime
  • Localize: Localize_UseFile - sets a translationfile, that shall be used by function ultraschall.Localize
  • ReaMote: AutoSearchReaMoteSlaves - autosearches for new ReaMote-slaves
  • Render: AddSelectedItemsToRenderQueue - adds selected MediaItems to render-queue as either one render-queued-project or individual projects
  • Render: GetRenderingToFileHWND - gets the hwnd of the rendering-to-file-dialog, during rendering
  • Tools: ultraschall_Add_Developertools_To_Reaper.lua - allows installing developertools into Reaper
  • Tools: ultraschall_Remove_Developertools_From_Reaper.lua - allows removing already installed developertools from Reaper

  • API: versionscheck - had problems with pre/rc and dev-versions of Reaper -> fixed(reported by X-Raym)
  • Docs: updated Reaper-docs to 5.979 and JS-extension 0.989
  • Helpers: GetPath - when filename has no path, it returns now "", filename
  • Helpers: GetUserInputs - allows now setting width of the captions-fields(requested by Julian Sader), allows now commas in captions and default-values as well; title is now the one defined by the title-parameter(used to have temporary title previously) (reported by X-Raym)
  • Render: RenderProject_Regions - produced Lua-error, when passing a filename without extension and if region was <1, returns error-messages now in that case
  • Scripts: HWND-Displayer.lua - reimplemented, much more comfortable now with a lot of more features.
  • Tools - the following scripts renamed to:
    ultraschall_developertool_Env_State_Diffs_Monitor. lua
    ultraschall_developertool_findConfigVarsToggledByA ctions.lua
    ultraschall_developertool_gfx_deltablit_displayer. lua
    ultraschall_developertool_Item_State_Diffs_Monitor .lua
    ultraschall_developertool_Project_State_Diffs_Moni tor.lua
    ultraschall_developertool_Track_State_Diffs_Monito r.lua
  • Tools: ultraschall_Remove_ExampleScripts_To_Reaper.lua - renamed to ultraschall_Remove_ExampleScripts_From_Reaper.lua, better name that way
Ultraschall-API - a Lua-functions-library4Reaper:
Reaper Internals - Developerdocs4Reaper:
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